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Let us tell a little about our couple and «MeetMeThere.ru». Our names are Alex and Uliana. We are young, active, and live in St.Petersburg, Russia. We work in the office and on each weekends we do our best to go to a little trip. It can be lake near grandma’s village or hike to northward with tents or drive to nearest south regions and so on. Now you can see that we use each opportunity to open new places and never sitting on one’s hands. Stories about most of our adventures we publish in this blog.

We are doing it not only for our memories.

We try to motivate anyone who read our posts on meetmethere.ru to travel more. If you have a chance fly abroad — fly, but if you only have a full tank of petrol and at least one associate — you can explore around your area and find more interesting and inspiring too.

In our travels to foreign countries we try all kinds of the rest: relax, extreme, activities, nature and cultural sights. We try join the national traditions, we love speak with locals and listen their stories about living, farming, showplaces and other themes they want tell about. We like to visit places recommended us by locals cause only they know what really can inspire travellers and from heart to heart shares the best of their country.

We are ready to explore 24/7.

Now you know what we think about and what we want to say to people about exploration the world on meetmethere.ru. If you’re the same or searching who can tell about your country/region/city with another eyes — feel free to cooperate!

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